24 Hour Success Club

24 Hour Success Club provides software for reviewing products and services so user can have feedback about product / service they wish to purchase. You are able to create as many reviews as you want and to do make grades for as many criteria as you like. Once you publish the reviews users are able to give they feedback separately and to rate product / service by the same criteria you have used.

You will be charged $47 one time only

In 24 Hour Success Club, we provide you with software that provides templates creating a passive income tool for creating modern looking niche, in-depth products review blog monetize with affiliate programs, like one of the top Amazon Associate.

Influencer marketing is a huge and it continue to grow. Companies need bloggers to help promote their products.

In this area we recommend to follow the authority website model. This means to providing massive value to your target audience by test all products intensely, pick out only the best ones, writing quality in-depth reviews and making recommendations based on proven facts. Build trust with your audience through transparency.

We designed 19 unique pages to cover blog owner needs.

Single in-depth review post page is a key element of this template. We combined concept of regular single post, project review and presentation of research pages in one long scroll page. This page include familiar sections for post (like, the brief, main description, conclusion) alongside with brand new useful sections (like, quick look, review list, honorable mention) created special for this project to improve UX.

In result, you get very convenient format for users and have opportunity cover any topic as much as you want. You can easily create different type of pages: classical top 5 or top 10 rating list, test drive review based on video clips, opinion review based on comments about product from large marketplaces.

We prepare for you 7 blog layout variants: grid, masonry, list, tile, large, info and text. Also we create high level categories page. You can choose one which suits your needs the best.

This responsive template built on customize Bootstrap 4 layout system (12 columns, flex utilities).

We aware, each blogger show their point of view by looking on situation from different angle. ANGLE became main idea for template visual style. Every decoration angles in template are equal 30 degree.


NOTE! The photos used in the template are not included in the main download file, they are only for the preview purpose.